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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Clarity Stamp Challenge, February 2015 - Floral

There is nothing like a bit of serious pressure to concentrate the mind. 

This month's challenge from Clarity Stamps had the theme of "Floral".  Easy, peasy, you are saying.  I can hear you.  I wanted to go down a different route, and have really tried hard not to look at any of the other entries for this month, to avoid any influence from other talented crafters who were more organised than I.

I have done quite a lot of parchment work in the past but not really since last summer.  It is a craft I take away with me as it is a "clean" craft, with no risk of spilling ink etc onto someone else's precious fabrics.

After a lot of cogitation and turning at night, I woke up a week ago with the germ of the idea, but not really sure how it would work.  I wanted to use the Chrysanthemum stencil and use embossing techniques.  I tried tracing through the stencil but that was not practical as the pencil would not fit into the tighter areas, so I tried brushing through with Wild Honey and Aged Mahoghany to give me the guide.

 I embossed from behind to push the colour forward into prominence, then pricked and snipped round it to remove it from the rest of the parchment.

I decided not to make it into a card but to mount it onto one of the Clarity canvas boards.  I masked off the edges of the board then brushed through with Cracked Pistachio and Wild Honey to give a strong background, but still leaving a clean white border.

Once the inks were dry, I brushed a layer of Mod Podge all over to seal it and to avoid too many finger marks.

I used parchment glue to mount it, leaving the petal edges free to throw shadows.  Now all I have to do is to do the entry bit and I can get on with another of the projects I have been procrastinating about, not to mention a few birthday cards that are overdue.


Lynne Bishop said...

Lovely Maggie. I like parchment work as well, very relaxing. Have not used canvas yet, this is very effective. xx

Debbie Rock said...

So much work in that Maggie and nothing like cutting it fine to get your entry in! Good luck ... you have made a fabulous work of art there! xXx

Theresa Pace said...

very interesting idea Maggie. you do like to live on the sharp edge xx

Angela Simpson said...

What a lovely way of using the Chrysanthemum stencil Maggie. I love the colours you've used. Thank you for entering the challenge. Good luck! xx

Shelagh Metselaar said...

A lovely way to combine a number of techniques, Maggie. Thank you for participating in the Clarity Challenge and good luck. ;~}

Barbara Lancaster said...

I love the colours you've used Maggie so sunny and vibrant. The embossing must have taken a long time, but was worth it as it gives great definition to each of the petals. Glad you got your entry for this month's challenge in, just in time! Goid luck. Xxx

LINDA PAGE said...

Morning Maggie this is beautiful. What a great idea good luck and thanks for entering the Claritystamp challenge x

Lesley Walden said...

Another wonderful card Maggie. I love the shadows your petals make. Beautiful colouring. I'm probably too late to wish you luck in the draw, busy weekend with grandsons,but thanks for entering and I look forward to seeing your entry for next month. x

Naomi said...

Maggie, this is lovely. Sunshine on a canvas. Thanks for entering the Clarity Challenge, good luck.