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Friday, 30 May 2014

Post WOYWW Crop - Day 2

 After a good night's sleep and a relaxing day on Sunday, Monday dawned damp and threatening.  I didn't care.  I set off with a vague plan to visit Bowood Rhododendron and Azalea gardens, but not really sure exactly where it was.  On the way, I suddenly found Silbury Hill.  You couldn't really miss it if you were on the right road.

It is very noticeable how many hawthorn bushes there are in the area, which is not surprising when you remember that it is a tree of Celtic mythology and magic.  Apparently, you should have sprigs of hawthorn among the rafters of your house to protect it from evil spirits.  I did move on from the layby to the Silbury Hill viewing spot, which was beautifully set out and very peaceful.  I don't think many people bother to go in there, and just make do with the view from the main road.

I carried on from there towards Calne which is supposed to be a good place to look around, but I wasn't in the mood for towns, so I tossed up whether to head for Chippenham or Wootton Bassett and at the last moment turned the wheel to Chippenham.  Then I realised that I had arrived at Bowood.  Unfortunately, as I pulled onto the field that acted as the main car park, I realised the ground was very claggy and the rain had arrived with me so I drove straight out and carried on, passing the sign to Lacock on the way.  So that is two possible places to visit next time I am down there.

From there, I literally just took whichever lane looked interesting, and quite by chance came to somewhere I had been trying to find without success.  I had seen West Wood on a leaflet as being very pretty with loads of bluebells.  Trundling along a very narrow lane with half a dozen cars behind me (that was good as it meant I had the weight of numbers if we met anything coming towards us), I suddenly saw the Forestry Commission sign saying West Wood.  I didn't get out of the car, as it was very muddy and I did not want to fall and possibly cause an injury, especially as phone reception was non-existent again.  It was a lovely spot, quite dark and mysterious under the heavy tree canopy.  These photos really do not convey that feeling, but it was very beautiful.

 From here, I reset Jane to take me back to the pub at Oare for another lovely lunch, which meant that I just did not want to eat again for the rest of the day.  From there, it was back to more trees, this time at Postern Hill in the Savernake Forest, just outside Marlborough.

As it was raining quite hard by then, I expected it to be very quiet up there.  I was totally wrong.  I was amazed and pleased to see so many families there with young children, sitting out at the picnic tables in the rain, just having fun.  None of the children (all ages) were glued to their technology, and none of them were whinging.  They were all having fun, as I was watching them.

Once I got back to Burbage, it was a case of rejigging the car to clear the back seat so that I had room to collect the dogs from the kennels on the way past Evesham, which saved me an hour of extra travel and fuel.

Despite a lot of traffic on the road, I had an excellent journey home with no holdups anywhere.  A good end to a good break.


Di said...

Oh Maggie, I've so enjoyed reading this and previous posting about your trip. Some fabulous photos too.

I did giggle about Jane the sat nav, we call ours Kate! At one time she stopped working and I was just getting onto unfamiliar roads so I stopped the car and tried everything. Eventually, in pure frustration I shouted 'SAY SOMETHING' and she sprang into action. All I could think was at the end of a previous trip nearing home I'd shouted for her to keep quiet :) Who knew they sulked - or were even voice activated!!

As you said, the Crop was great wasn't it - time flew though and I'm sorry I didn't get to take time to watch you with the Gelli plate. Really great to meet at long last - you're just as I imagined!!

Will post the promised stamp to you ASAP next week - and thanks again for letting me have first dibs at the ones you brought to the Crop!

Hugs, Di xx

Linda Simpson said...

Lovely to hear that you got home safe and sound and that your journey was a good one. Enjoy your weekend.
Linda xxx

Helen said...

What great photos, and what a great day you had, just following your nose as my dad would have said!

Theresa Pace said...

i think your pics are great. glad you had a good break xx

Dora said...

beautiful nature pictures. If I read it well than have you a beautiful daytrip.
I do not know about the story for the hawthorn....nice to know.
have a good day/weekend.