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This is intended to be mainly about my crafting stories, as a personal record of what I do. However, I interpret crafting quite widely, not just paper crafting but other things too. I have a butterfly mind and like to change from one thing to another depending on what I feel like on a given day - knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, cards, baking and several others.

Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WOYWW - 205?

No picture today - well, not yet, anyway.  My excuse/reason is that I completely forgot the day again.  Not surprising , really, as everyone seems to be conspiring to upset any ideas of organisation I might have aspired to.  I am not going to complain though, as I have a lot of very good friends who are all determined to do their bit to support me at this time.  Good family and friends are such a blessing, and something to be cherished.

I am still knitting and crocheting for all I am worth, and I will show you all the results when they are done.

In the meantime, thank you once more for all your wonderful messages of support, which mean so much to me.  I will endeavour to actually answer some of them this week.


sandra de said...

Lovely to see that you are still knitting and crocheting but the best thing is to be surrounded by family & friends. My heart goes out to you at this time.
Sandra @12

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think the repetitiveness of knitting and crochet helps a lot..it's soothing.
Sending big hugs and lots of love,
LLJ 34 xx

The Taming of the Glue said...

Don't worry about the lack of a photo. You're doing so well being on here on the right day. I do know what you're going through (been there) and my head felt like it was full of treacle. Pam#23

Belinda Basson said...

Hang in there. Losing a loved one and close partner and friend is a journey you have to work through in your own way. At least you are still posting for WOYWW and putting one foot in front of the other. Hugs. #30

RosC said...

Good morning Maggie.
Well it's late afternoon for us in the planetary loop. Have had you in mind recently and am glad people are around for you. It doesn't cease to be important does it? ...even when the schedule is topsy turvy as a result. :-)
Will look for pictures of your creations when they arrive.
Warmest wishes,
Ros. #40

Hettie said...

Hi Maggie. I know what you mean about the conspiracy theory....I have those days often.
Nice to see you about though, and cannot wait to see your latest projects.

okienurse said...

I have the same problem about remembering that it is Wednesday and therefore WOYWW! It flies by so fast that I tell myself it couldn't be time again! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #36

Helen said...

I am so glad you have family and friends supporting you. Please don't worry about replying to messages until you are good and ready - we won't love you any the less for it!! Take care, as always. Helen, 5

Ria Gall said...

Hi Maggie
I really hope things come together for you pretty soon enjoy those special friends and family
Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
Ria #42

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Maggie - had to scroll down to read your blog so I could understand. Stay strong during your year of "firsts" - and keep all your memories close - hugs - Mxx WOYWW #56

Twiglet said...

Hi Maggie - just wanted to leave you my little rainbow and a WOYWW hug. x Jo

Neet said...

Hi Maggie

Just to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I may not visit every week but I do include you in prayer.

Take care and don't lose sight of the crafting.

Hugs, Neet 18 xx

Gita said...

I scrolled down some to see what may be going on for you....I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. That must be very hard. I probably wouldn't want to do anything crafty but I guess it takes your mind off of things. Take Care!!! Brigita #122

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Marg, starting around late today. Hope you are ok, Love Shaz xx

Caro said...

I am so glad that your friends are ralleying round and supporting you at this time. It is far more important than remembering which day of the week it is! Take care and God Bless. Love Caro xx (#133)

susibee said...

I forgot the day too.

Thinking of you.

Susi #132

Anne said...

Hello Maggi ( I did not join in last week) I am so pleased that you have the support of friends and family at what must be a difficult time . I know knitting and crochet as very beneficial at time of great distress. Take care. Love and hugs Anne x #70

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Maggie, lovely to hear that you are okay and knitting and crocheting.

Friends are such a blessing at this time. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Linda xxx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Maggie
it is good to see you are coping well and being supported by so many lovely people. knitting can be so relaxing but absorbing at the same time, just what you need at this time i'm sure
janet #31


G'day Maggie
I usually don't get around for WOYWW till Friday as when Julia posts the link I am at work in the evening here in Oz. My day off isn't till Friday then but I'm home sick all this week so here I am just one day late(I couldn't type yesterday due to sore hands and why I am home!!). You will get back to the craft desk when the time is right...just rest and take care of you at this awful time.
Annette In Oz #39

Meihsia Liu said...

Looking forward to seeing your projects when they are done. ^_^

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, I'm very late this week but wanted to pop in and just see how you are. Knitting and crochet are good activities for keeping you going. Glad to see you have friends and family to support you and help you get through this very tough time. You are in my thoughts too. Elizabeth xx (#53)

PS: no reply expected xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Hi Maggie, You've been on my mind, so I came by to see if you had posted. You remain in my prayers as you transition to this new chapter in your journey. God has blessed you with enfolding family and friends and the ability to craft beautiful things to help you cope and bring joy to others. Big hugs! xxoo Darnell