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Saturday, 5 November 2011

More cake chat - Kunzle, Japs and "Cup cakes" and other things.

Since I posted the recipe for the cheese scones, so many people have said they are going to make them.  I hope you all enjoy the results, which should be fairly light and melting in texture.  We went to see our grandaughter, Merlin, in a school performance yesterday (it was billed as a Grandparents's tea party).  Shaz Silverwolf and her husband (our computer doctor) also came as they are our co-grandparents.  The singing was superb. the school is very lucky to have a brilliant musician in charge, who believes in really stretching them to sing quite complicated things.  One of their songs was the Lord's Prayer from African Sanctus, sung with excellent harmonies, and these children are only 9.  It was superb.

Afterwards, we came home while Doug and Shaz took Merlin home, before coming to do some more work on our computer.  Between getting home and them arriving, I made another batch of cheese scones.  We managed to demolish most of that batch between the four of us, so they seemed to like them.

This morning, as I finished my coffee, my husband asked me what temperature I wanted the oven on, so I took the hint and started again with the Vickie and the scones.  I must say in my defence that we have not eaten all that I have baked this week.  We have shared with a lot of visitors.

Back to the Kunzle cup cake bit, they were proper cup cakes.  The ones we are bombarded with these days are not cup cakes, they are just larger versions of what we always called fairy cakes.  If you cut the tops off  and in half, putting them back on top with butter icing, then they become butterfly cakes.

For those of you who have problems with the new words creeping into food these days, here are a few translations for you:
Fairy cakes (UK) = Cup Cakes (USA)
Icing (UK) = Frosting (USA)
Gravy (UK) = jus (posh cookery programmes and restaurants)

I will add more as I get to them.  By the way, I still cook in imperial measures, as most of my tried and love recipes are from a pre-metric age.

There are web sites and blogs devoted to finding Kunzle cup cakes, so I am not alone in my yearning for those delicacies.  There are also sites devoted to finding Jap Cakes, also luscious and melting.  By the way, do you remember Spangles, square boiled sweets in a square packet.  They were brought back briefly a few years ago, then the name was changed, and they vanished.

As you can see, I am in a seriously reminiscing mood at the moment.  What else do you miss that you used to adore?  Let us all know.


Jan said...

Can I come to YOUR house for tea PLEASE?!!!

The Crafty Elf said...

Merlin is very lucky to have two sets of wonderful grandparents! I bet she was thrilled to see you all there in the audience watching her...so proud! Have a great weekend!

famfa said...

Really interesting post. Enjoyed it immensely. We were talking about spangles today. What about starburst (opal fruits),

BetteK said...

I am still thinking about Kunzles thanks to you and haven't been able to get them out of my mind! You know like a dream that the more you try to remember it the more it just drifts away ... well that's a bit how it is and my quest to fully remember Kunzles. What memories you have stirred!
Can't remember Japs but yes, do recall Spangles and why, oh why they have to change the name of things is beyond me. xXx

Shazsilverwolf said...

Yes, I remember Jap cakes,and Spangles. And folks, I can seriously vouch for those cheese scones! They were absolutely the tastiest, lightest cheese scones I have ever eaten.re those boxes Marg, i just had a look, and they don't have them online, do they? Try e-mailing them tomorrow, maybe they were a special for the show, but they are bound to have some left.

Emma said...

A wonderful post and thank you for sharing it with us!! Does it show my age to say I remember Spangles? Oh and those butterfly cakes bring back wonderful memories of when I used to cook with my Nan. :)
Love Emma x

Morti said...

I LOVE Jap cakes, and I'm lucky in that we have a bakers here in Wiltshire who still do them! Reeve's are probably one of the best bakers I know of....

I remember Spangles, and I hated them but I think that has more to do with my age and my sister palming me off with the ones she didn't like than anything else.

What I do remember are the original Galaxy Counters, and Terry's Pyramint. I miss them..... LOL

Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed this post Maggie - it fair took me back. Like you, my tried and tested recipes are all old and therefore the measurements are in Imperial ... and cupcakes are still fairy cakes to me. My mother had a home bakery shop when I was young and I well remember her butterfly cakes - she often let me help put the wings on top. I also remember Spangles very well - but I preferred fruit gums - don't know if they are still available. My mother used to make something called Duke Cake ... a tart with dried fruit topped with sponge and iced. I've tried to find a recipe with no success but would love a copy if anyone has it still. Elizabeth x