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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

WOYWW - 100

I do love the trees in our garden, and they are at their best right now.  Spring has come at last, even if it is bitterly cold out there.  When you think of trees and grass being green, well, they are, but how many shades and varieties are there in one tiny spot, not to mention the many varied shapes of leaf and branch as well.

Enough of poetic nattering, how about this, the 100th blog.  I have not been here for that long, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far, and got to know so many wonderful and generous crafters, learned so many new techniques, and found so many new things to play with.  Thank you to all of you.  You are all wonderful.

My desk this week is a little clearer than it has been of late.  I did have a major tidy up yesterday, having just completed a major project which I will show you in a couple of weeks or so.  All that is left are a few images that I have stamped or printed out, ready for colouring with my small number of Promarkers, also visible on the desk.  You can also see a very useful set of Staedtler fine liners, which are so useful, a couple of sets of the small Clarity stamps, a couple of ink pads and the vital brayer.  For those who have not already sussed them out, the little pot os Super Stars are training treats for the two dogs, very useful if I want to know what they are up to while I am up here.

I will not show you the opposite corner, which I totally destroyed yesterday afternoon, trying to find a set of images for colouring.  I still have not found them, so that is on my list for today, as well as putting everything back that I threw about in frustration.

While I am busy looking, why don't you pop over to the Queen of Bloggers, Julia at
where you will find lots more desks to study in detail.  Have fun, and Happy 100th.


jude said...

Busy creative desk this week.Do hope you find the images your looking for!I do that put things in safe places and forget where...lol
Anywyas happy Creative woyww100
hugs judex

Jan said...

I love to see a desk that looks well loved and used :) (Maybe because mine is always a mess :)
Our temps are starting to warm up during the day but it's only 30 right now!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Maggie, so agree with you about the green shades and yes its fine to be all poetic about it.. God creation is gorgeous went for walk along beach again today and was blown away yet again sky was amazing....curious at what you are working on, colouring and promarkers mm.. happy 100th WOYWW indeed! Shaz in oz.x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, I've been following you around this morning and discovered that you love sweet peas too and that you succumbed to temptation on Sunday so some Clarity Stamps are winging their way to you also. Dear me, but they are so tempting, can't wait for them to arrive:) There's nothing to compare with the fresh, lush greens of spring and your trees are lovely. Enjoy your week. Elizabeth x #38

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Marg, I too have tidy bits, and areas that look like a craft bomb went off! lol.

Sarpreet said...

lots of lovely goodies, like the first pic, Beautiful workspace, thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100, 100 weeks of this! wow, #3

sasa said...

So many tidy desks today - I am well behind...enjoy your day and the sun...I have a nightmare corner too full of ribbon rage as I call it.

Thanks for sharing your desk...
Sarah at 4

Sam said...

I know what you mean about the greens. Hubby and I were talking in a similar vein the other day.
Very tidy desk there. Maybe you should not look at mine!!! I am in the middle of a project though- still!!
Happy Crafting xx

Neet said...

So you are a Promarker user as well. Think I need to get mine used as I have so many outstanding things on at the moment.
Loved the post below about your street/island party.
Thanks for sharing. Hugs, neet x

Di said...

Hi Maggie! Sorry I'm late honey. Thanks so much for the white tile tip for my watercolouring - brilliant ) I did have a little laugh about you flinging things round in your search....hope you found 'em in the end. And sweet peas for your bridesmaid were inspired - bet they smelt gorgeous. Thanks for always hopping by and leaving advice, love it! Hugs, Di xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey Maggie, I got caught up in your Royal Wedding post - the street party must have been lovely, there was so much goodwill to share. OOh I know about totally destroying areas looking for things..but unlike you, I get in a huff and don't re-visit to tidy for a while. Like the mess thinks it's a punishment! Ha!

Mrs A. said...

Your garden looks huge and the trees are indeed pretty. Just bought my first Pormarkers in the summer and spring range. Need to have a practice with ythem now as never used beofre. Hugs Mrs A. #128

RosC said...

Hi Maggie. It's taken me a while to do the rounds. Totally forgivable to wax eloquent about trees - yours are lovely indeed. Your desks looks great. I'm interested in the Promarkers which seems to frequent UK desks quite a lot, and I wonder whether they are similar to Copic markers. Copic has been marketed here like crazy so they've caught on. If you have a moment & the inclination, have a look at my Dargo Trip page since driving trips are a shared interest.
Best to you,
Ros. (60)

Angie said...

Your trees are truely beautiful.
I hate knowing I have something and not being able to put my hands on it...so agrivating ...especially when DD says 'are you sure you actually have it'
What a wonderful 'island' party .... I too was glued to the TV ...what a beautiful royal bride.

Sid said...

What a busy desk !!

lisa said...

Spring is certainly a beautiful time of year isn't it. Your trees are gorgeous.
Looks like you have a very creative desk there.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I had to chuckle at the night hike up Malham Cove, you're braver than me!!
Hugs Lisax

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - what a gorgeous garden! Your desk looks very tidy, and full of lots of goodies!
Take care
Lots of hugs
Rachel and Angela

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Just look at all the coloring you have going on....! Hope you share what your going to make with some of them!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Maggie just wondering if you are ok or are you on holidays or something have not see you post for while and just concerned that is all trust all is okay, thinking and praying for you. love Shaz in Oz.x maybe those Promarkers got the better of you!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, we are off to Barmouth in 10 days - my husband loves it down there. I'm going to take a heap of ready stamped images and my boxes of Promarkers to - to ward of withdrawal symptoms of course:) Love your card - it reminds me of old-fashioned embroideries. Elizabeth x #53

MaudMartha said...

Hi Maggie, lots of interesting things to look at on your desk. Good luck with the rest of your tidying! Teresa x