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Monday, 8 November 2010

Buying from EBay - a warning!

I have bought a lot of things from sellers on EBay and have had no complaints about them.  I have had good service and my only complaint was swiftly and efficiently dealt with by the seller.  I always check the price of any item I am buying, looking elsewhere on the web.  Then I decide what is my very top bid, having also checked and factored in the cost of postage and packing (beware of things from foreign climes - the postage can be far more than the item and may also incure import duty, which is astronomical).  I only ever put in one bid.  If I do not get it, then it was not meant for me.  Do not get caught up in a bidding war.

I have been watching a number of things recently, and been ready to put in a bid.  One was Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro - a great piece of kit.  It was second hand but it went for £37 with £5 postage and packing.  Brand new from Crafters Companion (with good backup and help line) and other EBay sellers, it costs £39.95 with FREE postage and packing.  Which would you rather have?  No contest!!

My tip is always factor in to your costs the P&P.  Even buying out on the net, you can usually get through to the point of getting the full price including P&P without committing yourself to buy.  P&P varies wildly.


Shazsilverwolf said...

Agreed Marg- I always search around for the retail price of a brand new version, before buying on e-bay. No argument that it is a brilliant site, I have bought many things for peanuts from there, but I always watch an item till the last possible minute, so I don't push the price up in a bidding war.

ShazOzCardsCalligraphy said...

So agree Maggie, carefulness always pays off! you have a great website over there that post to Oz free and I love them for it!! it is Joanna Sheen, super folk so helpful.