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Friday, 1 February 2013

Annie's Friday Smile - 3

This may not be the best photo ever, but it does bring a smile every time I see it so it fits very well into the Friday Smile.

Our daughter had a mediaeval wedding celebration, with all the guests dressed in costume.  Her dress was the one she had always drawn from a child, and her husband was dressed in full armour.  Our grandson was totally confused - he was looked after by strangers during the ceremonies and his Dad clanked whenever he moved (that armour was incredibly heavy).

In between the two parts of the reception, things calmed down a little and he found a lovely flower for his Mum (a dandelion - a weed is only a flower in the wrong place and they look wonderful up the central reservations and grass verges. 

The guests all entered into the action by dressing up.  In fact, it was very strange when we all left as we had all got used to the costumes and got very strange looks from people at the petrol station.

Why don't you join in now and post your own Friday Smile over at Annie's Stitch in Time, and give the rest of us a smile.


Annie said...

Oh how lovely Maggie....What a fun idea. I bet a lovely day was had by all.
Thanks for joining in this week's fun.
A x

Annie said...

Hi Maggie....just thought I'd add that if you left a comment on my post today if has failed to ypload again. :-(
A x

JoZart said...

The photo is so sweet and your daughter looks just lovely. What a dream to be swept off your feet and to marry a knight in shining armour!
I remember when we sung in a choir we did an Old Time Music Hall show and we were stopped by the police whilst we ere in full fancy dress. The officer said, "Ey up, ey up, what do we 'av 'ere? This is a first"!!!
Thanks for the smile!
love Jo x

Caro said...

What a gorgeous photo and what a fun theme for a wedding. thanks for sharing. Caro #7

BumbleVee said...

We always used to pick dandelion bunches for our Mum.... she loved them.... truly...... well, we thought she did anyway..... and she never burst our little bubbles.....

Angela Coles said...

I remember getting stared at in costume going to a mediaeval wedding ceremony.

She's beautiful, and what a lovely gift he found for her.

Alison Scott said...

Great picture. Lovely that she had her dream wedding day.
Personally I like dandelions. Me and Ellie (2 yr old Granddaughter) while away many a walk blowing clocks.

Nan G said...

isn't he a sweetie! perfect flower for the occasion/setting. :)

Gill Edwards said...

oh what a great shot and such a lovely idea for a wedding. You made me laugh thinking of the groom in armour clanking.

Gill x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah lovely Maggie children bring so much joy dont they? a dandelion.. lovely! Shaz in oz.x

Twiglet said...

A fairytale princess - lovely! x Jo

Tracy said...

What a lovely idea for a wedding. Hope it wasnt too hot a day, the groom would have boiled! Cute picture.

Samantha Elliott said...

Gorgeous photo Maggie xx