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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Why did I bother to go to bed?

I feel really lacking in the creation side of life this morning.  I cannot cope without at least 6 hours of sleep each night, and get quite grumpy when I am deprived, not to mention falling asleep at the drop of a hat for the next few days. 

Everything conspired against me last night, starting with the attack of the huge housefly (at least six inches across) while I was reading my Kindle, with the aid of a flexilight attached to the cover.  After he hit me 5 times, I gave up and put the light off.  Then the dogs decided to have an attack of wanderlust for the next hour or so.  They are only small dogs, but sound like elephants when they tramp around at night. 

Then Gemma decided that she had to go out NOW!!!  So I grumbled, not too quietly, fell out of bed, stumbled round the room to the door, managed to leave Flash behind (two dogs barking in the garden at night is not to be desired).  Gemma tore downstairs , woofing all the way, pirouetted at the kitchen door,  flew across the tiled floor, pirouetted again at the patio door.  Trying to put a lead on a dog who is whirling like a dervish is not the easiest, especially when you are desperately trying not to open your eyes.  She shot out of the door, stood on the lawn, and sniffed at the grass, then she came back onto the patio and stared very intently at the garage door.  That is quite unnerving so late at night - you wonder what horrors she can see that might come to get you any minute now.  Anyway she came back in, having done nothing, and rushed to the hall door, ready to go back to bed.

So now, wide awake and cold, I stumble back upstairs, put Gemma firmly back to bed, read a bit more of my book (Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb - a fantasy book), then tried to get back to sleep.  Almost there and the milkman came round the road with much revving of noisy diesel engine and screeching of brakes.  All the local dogs, including our two, erupted into barking.

All through this lot, my OH slept soundly, and did not even notice when I stubbed my toe on the corner of the bed.  He only woke when he had a vivid dream and knocked something onto the floor. 
By this time, I had given up as it was time to get up. 

Now I am even crosser as Geoff has just come back from the weekly shop with the news that some "kind" person has bashed the roof of the Freelander, dented it and put a kink just above the tailgate.  That has to be deliberate.  What pleasure did they get out of it?  No wonder all our insurance premiums are out through the roof.  I wish I could get hold of that person ..... Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to gather myself together and get back to the cards that have to be finished today and put in the post.

Hope you all have a better day.

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